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Dennis Digital

Welcome to my site…

I’m a Freelance Web Developer and Digital Marketer

Here’s What I Can Do for You

Web Development

Website Development is my bread and butter, in particular WordPress development. All the bells and wistles included; I code custom themes, plugins and pretty much bend WordPress to my will on a daily basis.

Digital Marketing

Google Adwords, conversion tracking, Facebook pixels. With data-driven marketing and effective conversion tracking, we can grow your business almost overnight.


Organic is dead (or so they say) the internet is now pay to play. Actually, organic is more alive than ever. Google is still the largest search engine and a huge driver of web traffic. Top Level Keywords are a little more tricky.


Dennis is a Web Developer and Google Adwords certified Digital Marketer.

What my clients are saying

“Dennis was a joy to work with. Diligent with fast feedback loops during the job cycle and did great work. Highly recommend.”

– Chris Fernandez

“So sorry for the late release. Was on holiday!!! Thank you very much!!! You are the best”

– Stanly D

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build custom themes for WordPress?

Yes. I am an actual developer.

Can you help me with my Marketing?

Yes, I have an extensive background in online marketing. I’ve been working in the field of SEO and inbound marketing for a long time. I actually became a developer (way back in the day), so that I could build high traffic authority sites without hiring someone to help.

Can you send me an invoice for work?

Yes, I deliver detailed tracking reports of all time spent on projects, along with invoices and break downs of your retainer balance.

Do you outsource any of your work and do you work with a team?

No. I do not outsource any of my client work. Development and marketing is my passion, and so, I remain in the trenches.

How do you charge for projects?

I charge for my time. Once I’ve estimated how long your project will take you can go-ahead and easily reserve my time upfront.

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